Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Giant's Direction

We've spent quite a bit of time building up the framework for our Blue Giant project, and it has reached a point where our original vision of the project no longer seem feasible, given our limited resources/time. After a good discussion with jon I think we have a good direction we're heading towards.

Basically, we are to

  • Greatly increase the pacing of the game (emphasis on time limit), which leads to ...
  • An increased emphasis on action
  • Reduce the scale of the game world
More details of the design to come over the weeks.

For now, I'd like to share a few renditions of our main character, named Dave.

This was the original sprite, kinda looks terrible to me now. Dull colors, stiff animation.

This was the sprite in our 0.0.1 build of the game. This was after victoria worked her magic on the existing sprite.

This was an experiment. I created this new sprite to explore new possibilities for the project (Notice the huge gun in his hands). We eventually deemed it (and its accompanying changes to the game design) too far a departure from the current systems that we have implemented.

This is the latest one I have. The way the sprite is drawn borrows a lot from a soon-to-be-released game called "Super Time Force" (which looked amazing). The original 0.0.1 design, with the bold outlines, was a little too difficult to animate (the stiffness in the animation is apparent). Given that our character needs to move fast in our new design, I had to adopt a style that allows me to animate the character more fluidly. I chose this style. We just might stick to it.

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