Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another Musing

Making games is indeed tough, but I've never doubted my decision to embark on this career path. Sure I've had my fair share of worries and occasionally crippling self-doubts, but those are fortunate problems to have.

Having lost a dear friend to cancer has put things into perspective. I'm grateful to be in good health. I'm grateful to not have to worry about student loans - because my parents have the foresight to start saving for my education when I was still a baby (that and scholarship helped). And even though my mum nags at me all the time to find a "proper job", I'm grateful she's not doing much else to stop me. I'm just happy I have a chance to work on fulfilling a childhood dream.

In a few more months, Spacejacked will be completed and launched on Steam. This could change everything for all of us in the team... or not. But it matters not, I'll always be making games one way or another.