Monday, July 27, 2009

From ChinyKian Productions to Ignite Games?

Currently there's only 1 person working on the Candida project solo.

That's all possibly going to change however, as I struggle with performance issues and the sheer work load of various projects, one person comes to mind. Who else other than my best partner and teacher, Jonathan, would I trust with this project?

After a few email exchanges it appears he is interested in the project and would like to work on it once he is free(in a few weeks time). Here's hoping Jon will indeed join me in the development of this game.

Of course, that would also mean a much needed addition to the Ignite Games Catalog (which is EMPTY!).

*Ignite is a game development group formed by Jon, me and another friend; and is the name we use to label any joint projects we work together on*