Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Glass Ornament : From MovieClip to BitmapData

Even as Final Boss remains in development, I've taken on a new project for submission to the Actionscript Awards 2010 organized by Singapore's Republic Polytechnic. The project is tentatively titled - The Glass Ornament (TGO).

  From a design standpoint, TGO is not much of a game. Rather, it would serve as a virtual experience for players. In case you are wondering, the contest theme is "Climate Change".

  Now, from a technical standpoint, I intend to break away from rendering vector graphics onto the stage and instead, do the rendering by bitmap blitting. At this point of development, I am still working on converting my MovieClip(with the various frames of animation) into an array of BitmapData, skipping the sprite sheet step altogether.

  Hopefully I will learn much from this project. Anything else ( such as winning ; ) ), is secondary.