Monday, October 30, 2017

Devlog: Serious Scramblers #27

The rumbling of the screen when the worm is moving emphasizes how massive it is.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Devlog: Serious Scramblers #25

Working on a boss character! Here's how it looks:
Perhaps I'll write an entry detailing how the worm was implemented.

Musing again

A potential publisher we've been in contact with decided after some months that they wouldn't be working with us on Fates & Constellations after all - it's a bummer, but not altogether unexpected. After all, their SDK does not support GameMaker, which is the engine we're using. I'm somewhat disappointed they didn't feel the need to build a Gamemaker version of their SDK but this just mean they don't think F&C is worth the extra work. For shame.

There's still a lot to be done to make the game accessible, and what with the need to further tweak the graphics, it doesn't look like F&C will be done anytime soon. Being the only person in the team championing the game at the moment, it does get a little tiring, and I feel in need of a break. As such, I shall be scaling back the amount of time I spend on F&C to set aside some time to work on a new prototype to pitch to the fellow mages. I'm thinking a game with an isometric view - perfect excuse to give Unity a(nother) go. That shall be the arrangement until I get my groove back so I can finish F&C for real.

This thus far has been a year of delays for Rotten Mage, on all ends. Quite frustrating really - I really need for Rotten Mage to become sustainable soon and not have to entirely depend on the unstable income from my part-time jobs. Pressure from my parents only amplifies the urgency to make things work out. Partly thanks to that, I've been treating my personal side project more seriously as a form of potential income. Serious Scramblers, which was an extremely fun project to work on, looks to be >50% done. Its more simplistic nature and smaller scope, combined with the fact that I get to make all decisions without any restraints or worries about disapproval, likely means that it'll get released before any of our current projects in Rotten Mage's pipeline.

All these may sound pretty gloomy, but I'm really quite eagerly anticipating Spacejacked's eventual release on consoles - it's been a dream of mine to make games for consoles and I very much want Spacejacked to find an audience on those platforms. I suppose I just need to be patient and use the time to prep the marketing materials.