Sunday, August 7, 2016

Quick Update

First thing first, I got myself a part-time gig teaching kids how to code and make apps. It's an interesting job - and I can see how it can be rewarding, but I'll also have to say that for the first time in a long time, I have a job that feels like work(yeesh). The past 2 weeks of internship (before the transition to a part-time role) has taken away a lot of game dev time, and now that internship's over, I can't wait to work on my own projects!!!

Here are my aims for the month of August:
  • Launch Jump Over the Rings! on Android (90%)
  • Finish Spacejacked's Easy mode (90%)
  • Make a trailer for Jump Over the Rings!
  • Help test Spacejacked on PS4
  • Launch PC version of Jump Over the Rings!
  • Have a webpage for Jump Over the Rings!

After observing many people getting stuck early on in Spacejacked, we decided upon giving players the option to make the game a little easier for themselves. There's also an issue in the game where players can be unfairly pinned into a near-unwinnable situation for a couple of early-game mistakes - that's something we're working on addressing as well.

I'm very proud of Spacejacked, but it should also be no secret now that Spacejacked just did not sell well at all. Few people have heard of it. A part of me is deathly afraid that no one in the team, myself included, knows how to prevent the marketing disaster from happening a second time to our eventual PS4 release. We ought to have a marketing plan soon.