Friday, January 22, 2016


Just in case, there are people reading this blog, I'm just gonna announce that Spacejacked is releasing on 26 Feb 2016!!! Finally!

Development on Spacejacked will not end after release, however. We'll be working to add a few more updates - extra "chapters" and challenges and stuff we can think of =)


hanes said...

Cool so about the other game hows the other game doing?

chinykian said...

Yo! Progress on my other games are a little slow at the moment because I'm pushing to launch Spacejacked. But I'll be resuming work on them in about a month's time, after I'm done with Spacejacked. I'm starting to miss working on Death Cabin XD.

hanes said...

Ok also im wondering is your account on gamejolt rottenmage? i saw this exact game also there is it? if so change it to chinikian and put this URL's page there well im confused now

chinykian said...

Hahaha! Rottenmage is a team account. It's for games I make together with my team. My other gamejolt account(chinykian) is for my other personal game projects that I work on during my free time. The Spacejacked game you find on gamejolt is an old demo build meant to showcase the game mechanics.

Here, this is my team.