Sunday, October 26, 2014

A little note on recent playtesting

It seems all the effort spent improving the controls, ui, and balancing is slowly paying off. In earlier builds of Spacejacked, we've often witnessed players having much trouble getting used to the game - they often spend the first few minutes running around aimlessly in the wrong arena as the game continues to proceed and leave them behind.

After an entire weekend (and more) redesigning the waves for the game, I got the aid of a friend to help playtest the game and observed that he was genuinely having fun. We even discussed the strategy on beating the game. Barely a week after, an ex-classmate, who happened to play a build of our game, told me that he "quite like" Spacejacked - that it is interesting, though a little too fast paced and relentless for him.

All of these responses have been a far cry from the reactions to the game in the past. All of the testing, and reiterations of the design is slowly proving to come into fruition.

Furthermore, jon is now in contact with a music composer whose music we really like, so it looks like we're finally starting to kick things up a notch.

The game is still far from done. But I think we're headed in the right direction.

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