Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Global Game Jam

I attended my first ever global game jam with my team last Friday in the local site at Republic Polytechnic. Boy, was it fun! Drawing inspiration from Terry Cavanagh's "Don't Look Back", we built a game about a man plagued with guilt and self-hatred as he goes about his everyday life. The game was built in 48 hours by 3 of us, namely, jon, cs, and myself. After a good amount of brainstorming, each of us set out with our respective tasks. jon does the sounds, music as well as coding them into the game. cs handles the bulk of the artwork and design. As for myself, I'm responsible for the animations and game code. This was a far more ambitious jam compared to one-sec, so I'm inclined to think that we're improving as aspiring game makers ;). That, and the addition of one more member (one-sec was done by only jon and myself, and the first day of the jam was spent learning a new language - Haxe) makes a big difference.

The game is titled Day X, and can be played on our gamejolt page here.
Also, Day X got a mention on indiestatik's coverage of the game jam!

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