Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Death Cabin is not dead

Feels like we're in a little bit of a slump lately.

The constant bombardment of deadlines from work and school has put a strain on the development of Spacejacked - progress has been minimal for an entire month now. Jon observed it was a sign of burn-out.

Sheet. We don't need that now. It would be hilarious(ly sad) for a project to fail not because of a lack of budget or poor sales, but a lack of motivation. Addressing this issue, we've set up a weekly schedule indicating that we are to prepare a weekly playable build of Spacejacked, as well as to review our older games for player feedback (we'll never know when we want to expand upon any of them).

In addition, we've also imposed upon ourselves the need to do a game jam once every 2 months, to occasionally keep our minds off Spacejacked. I suppose H.T.P is the first of the jams.

Here's hoping this would keep things going.

Speaking of keeping things going, Death Cabin isn't dead!

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