Saturday, May 10, 2014

More visual feedback!

I think the late nights are getting to me. Woke up with a huge headache today so I skipped going to the office with the rest of the gang =X. As for blue giant, I've been working on visual feedback. I'm fairly satisfied with what we have thus far but I think it still needs a little more juice and attention to detail. For instance, Dave's (that's our protagonist) upright and nonchalant posture when attacking the aliens bugs me a great deal.

cs' working on another part of the game, namely, the ability to build turrets on platforms, akin to a tower defence game. I should find time during the weekend to integrate his part into the game - that ought to bring us a step closer to a presentable demo.

In other news, jon is back from his one-week absence (no thanks to exams!) Woo hoo~

Next up on my list of things to do for blue giant: Explosions. Then integrating cs' part (uhhhh borring workkk).

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