Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's been real busy

The entire team had been busy at work preparing a build of Blue Giant (or Spacejacked - that's what it's called, for now?) for Casual Connect Asia (as I'm writing this, jon and cs are at the event showing our early demo). It's been a good month (starting 23rd April) and we've put together quite a fair bit (the gif does not show the entirety of the gameplay).

There are still a lot to be done, and I shall list them here as a reminder:

  • Game seriously needs a tutorial
  • Game is still lacking in content, duh (more enemy types, upgrades)
  • Game needs some form of randomization to spice up each replay experience
  • NPCs to provide a clearer context to the game
  • Pacing (as well as anything to signify progress)
  • More visual aids (player can't tell, and can't know what's happening in other arenas)
  • Game needs a ton of playtesting
As it is now, I believe the project has got tremendous potential (and that's the bottomline, I'll not let any negativity from some Tom, Dick or Harry get to me) to be great fun - we just need to press on.

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