Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New gun turret sprite test

Victoria has redesigned the turrets some time ago. Thought I could finally set some time aside to animate them.

Well I didn't get too far (yet). Here's a spawn animation of the lvl 1 gun turret.
In response to player feedback, we are reducing the "set-up" time for the turrets so they can faster react to enemies upon deployment. This would be more in line with the general pacing of Spacejacked. Everything should be fast and instantaneous!

Also, notice the subtle bounciness in the animation =)

This enemy is different

Oh yes. We're done with this one (mostly). He's called the Mimic. He wrecks turrets.

Battling headache, bad internet connection over long weekend

It's hard to work on anything with this headache, but here's a little something for fun:

I'm still not entirely clear what kind of game this should be. But it'll be a 360-degree shooter.

Monday, June 1, 2015

One more enemy

Spent a fair amount of time on Friday to animate yet another new enemy (character design by Victoria, as usual). This enemy is a little special in that it'll be floating around with a human host (scientist).