Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blue Giant Revamp!

Today is the official day of our Blue Giant revamp! It has been hell for the past months working on Blue Giant - mainly because we were out of our depth making an ambitious Metroidvania title. So, (while we've talked about redesigning the game for some time), today marks the day we start steering the game in a new direction. We're also making the switch from as3 to Haxe.

In addition, during my one-month absence from office (no thanks to reservice), the game characters were redesigned, courtesy of victoria. Art-wise, there's a greater emphasis on animation this time around and - while I initially preferred a simpler sprite design like that of They Bleed Pixels and Super Time Force, I do really dig this slightly more detailed look (it's awesome!)

In all, I feel that the energy that was lost over the course of the past few months is surging back. I can't recall the last time we were this excited for Blue Giant.

We will be releasing more details as we develop this title. Our current aim is to build a solid prototype in a month's time.

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