Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Game Post

Hi hi, I've make it a point to work on (or at very least, think about) experimental, short games after working hours. Below is a screenshot of a game that's about 1% done (lol). I'm sticking close to the aesthetics of Day X - the pixelated style of the sprites means I'll have an easier time animating them. I've also been considering following cs' style for drawing the backgrounds, but I think I'll choose something more abstract and possibly less time consuming.

A key objective of this project is to understand how to develop a roguelike game, seeing as how vic has been going on about her "survival" game idea that is about as roguelike as it gets (well, maybe without permanent death). I hope I can finish this project in due time >.<.

In the mean time, the bunch of us are going to resume work on our main project. ciao~

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