Friday, March 15, 2013

Into the industry, before we know it.

This seems to be it. Several sleepless nights and crunch times later, I'm nearing the end of the final semester in Digipen. Everyone's excited of course. And a tad bit concerned - many waste no time in seeking job opportunities. Web sites are done up, resumes reviewed (again and again). And almost everyone is involved in the first ever Digipen Singapore career day.

I'll be there of course. But I will not be there to "promote" myself, to pull interviews and job opportunities. I will be there to observe. To see the standard the big guys are looking out for. To learn. Crazy as it seems, my intention is to go indie immediately upon graduation, and I'm not alone (a couple of friends are with me on this). My lecturers and an administrative staff have been supportive, and even gave some great advice - it's all quite encouraging.

And - ... uh, it's 3.30 in the morning and career day is today. Time for some shut-eye.

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